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Those who want to learn, they go to Salamanca

Above all, if you want to learn Spanish. Salamanca, since the foundation of its University if 1218 by King Alfonso IX, has always been the main centre for the study of Spanish language.

And now, the University of Salamanca chose Torino to open its first official language school in Italy. The institution that, in 1492, inspired AdN to write the first Spanish grammar text, comes here to meet a land with a vibrant cultural and educational background and a dynamic social and economic environment. 

Our school brings all the prestige, the experience and the innovation that made the University of Salamanca famous in the teaching of Spanish as foreign language. It is open to students as well as to people that just want to learn the language; to professionals; and to those who simply love the richness of Spanish culture. The official diplomas DELE and SIELE will help you master all the nuances of a language spoken almost six hundred millions people.

Join the academic excellence of Salamanca, in Torino. Looking forward to seeing you!